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Author Topic: the furniture was spliced ​​left
dreamgofashion Posted: 16-May-18 11:47
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The wear marks on the table, a long strip and a long strip, were very obvious. What also made her dissatisfied was that the space where the furniture was spliced ​​left a lot of gaps. Not only that, the carved grooves, furniture on the inside board, mold, mildew is clearly visible;
a piece of wood on the insect flaws. Ms. Guo feels annoyed. It cannot be the quality of new furniture, it is used by people, or it has been sampled. The return of the installer did not return good news, saying that the bed screen was not repaired.
Ms. Guo was suddenly discouraged. I cannot accept this quality. Consumers refused to pay the balance. She told the seller that she asked for a return. After continuing to observe the furniture, Ms. Guo also discovered the rough furniture technology.
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