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Author Topic: developing customized home furnishing business
dreamgofashion Posted: 05-Jul-18 04:09
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Not only the Europeans, but also the custom-made Sofia (002572.SZ) is also turning to the whole house furniture customization. According to its 2014 semi-annual report, Sofia will provide consumers with a complete home solution. In April this year, Sofia’s first terminal display flagship store opened in Guangzhou.
In addition, Shangpin Home Furnishing and IKEA are also actively developing customized home furnishing business. Industry consolidation is the trend. At present, there are thousands of domestic cabinet enterprises. In the future, there may be only ten or eight companies in the country, but there will not be as many as 1,000 to 2,000.
The real estate market is adjusting, and excellent home furnishing enterprises will take a bigger share, and small and small enterprises will become smoke. Yao Liangsong said that the launch of the big home strategy, the European faction hopes to seize the opportunity of industry aggregation and fission.
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