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Author Topic: Environment-Friendly pavilion
dreamgofashion Posted: 19-Jul-18 11:38
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pavilion are worn by people to protect their body from the rain. These are made of different types of materials. There are the plastic ponchos made of the petroleum derivatives like the PVC. These ponchos are not considered to be environmentally friendly since these either do not decompose or these decompose after a long period of time using all sorts of chemical processes. There are further variants of these plastic ponchos. These can either be degradable or biodegradable.
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The degradable ponchos are the ones which are made of plastic and these can get degraded with the help of the sunlight, heat or even the mechanical stress. The plastics are normally mixed with some percent of TDPA which causes the plastic to ultimately degrade. The difference with the biodegradable plastic pavilion is that these are naturally degraded by the action of the bio-organisms.
The plastic material used in the making of this poncho could be derived from natural products like the vegetable (potato, cassava) starch and these plastics are suitably categorized as bio-plastics. At first, the starch is extracted from the potatoes and the same is used to make the resins or call these the bio-resins. These resins are used to make the bio-plastic films which in turn are used to make the rainwear.
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