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Author Topic: flooring manufacturers last
dreamgofashion Posted: 20-Aug-18 03:24
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<p>are High, but the competition is not intense.<a href='
'>outdoor flooring tiles and price</a> 3, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring is the future trend, all solid wood flooring will gradually fade out the company generally reflects that solid wood flooring will not be the future trend, which is determined by environmental protection and production costs.[url=
]pontoon boat decking material[/url] Since the solid wood floor substrate is completely made of solid wood, the cost is high in the current year, and the cost of the base </p>
<p>material is generally more than 200 yuan,<a href='
'>sail boat non skid decking mat</a> while the cost of the solid wood composite substrate is about 40 yuan. The cost of floor substrate is about 30 yuan. Relatively speaking, there is no price competitive advantage for solid wood flooring. In addition, with the increasing attention to forest resources in the world,[url=
]green house grade deck roof for sale[/url] the solid wood flooring that consumes precious wood is gradually faded out of the market. Finally, due to the high capital </p>
<p>consumption of solid wood flooring production,<a href='
'>estimate cost of building composite decking</a> especially the inventory turnover rate is too low, many companies also intend to gradually reduce the production of solid wood flooring. The high-end supply in the laminate floor is in short supply, and the solid wood composite relies on the rapid expansion of the fully-furnished house.[url=
]12x16 outdoor pavilion plans[/url] The company's laminate flooring production capacity is fully developed. The production and demand of low-</p>

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