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Author Topic: Excuse to storm the south some businesses
xiao1235 Posted: 20-Mar-19 06:13
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about Shopping guide its intention to buy a lot of fences price, if the consumer price quoted is seven or eight hundred dollars, Shopping guide will come up with a wooden cross-section, said it was seven or eight hundred of wooden material, but in fact it is a thousand dollars out of solid wood core cross-section, said the quality, in order to attract
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consumers. Another common trick is to show consumers at the time, always take a cross-section of solid wood core samples do introduced, the result is honeycomb paper sold when the filling of the wooden fences, because consumers can not buy the fence of the hack open the fence to see inside the material. Total price tag of another considered
"reference" Price is not the wooden fences of the overall price, with the placement of the fences, take that many. It is understood that the price of the fence consists of three parts: the fence prices, fence prices and the price of wood line. The main fence is the fence, priced according to square meters; frames before and after the two sides with a view to
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