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Author Topic: Diabetes Symptoms - How These Symptoms Cause Diabetes
reginafancy Posted: 23-Mar-20 04:25
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Insulin and other diabetes Diabetes Freedom Review medications are designed to lower the patient's blood sugar level. But the effectiveness of these medications depends on the timing and size of the dose. And any medications that the patient take for conditions other than diabetes can affect their blood sugar level, too.

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas, a gland behind the stomach, does not produce enough hormone insulin. It is important to know what are the diabetes symptoms that can help identify the disease. Insulin is needed to move sugar from the blood into cells. Once inside the cells, glucose is converted into energy for immediate use or stored for the future. The energy that all our bodily functions and rids the body of waste products. This process is called metabolism.

During and after a meal, the body digests food in its "basic building blocks." Thus, the body breaks down carbohydrates (starch) into sugar. Glucose is the main form of sugar that the body needs for energy. After the meal, glucose is absorbed into the blood. The increased glucose in the blood indicates the pancreas to produce insulin, leaving the bloodstream. About 10 minutes after a meal, insulin is at its highest level.

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