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Author Topic: property market on the flooring
xiao1235 Posted: 18-Apr-18 14:05
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<p>Uninlin a “patent fee” of “a one-time payment of 100,000 to 120,000 U.S. <a href=''>use of composite wall</a>dollars for every 1 square meter sold for 0.65 U.S. dollars.” Due to concerns that the outcome of the appeal to the US Federal Court was unpredictable, many companies had to accept the final results. However,[url=]vinyl lattice panels endless possibilities[/url] with the introduction of "12mm" imitation solid wood flooring, the Chinese flooring industry has thoroughly opened up patented technical barriers at </p>
<p>home and abroad, because the "smart latch latch" technology it uses is enough to replace the "337" lock that ITC investigated. Deduction patents, fundamentally solve the problem of floor tilting from the level of the buckle.<a href=''>cost of treated wood fence</a> According to the introduction of the technology,[url=]non wood plywood floor repla wood composite[/url] the Kenuo Rhine Sunshine News spokesman said that currently on the market, counterfeit solid wood flooring has a thickness of 12 mm, which accounts for more than 70%. </p>
<p>The imitation solid wood floor represented by 12mm effectively integrates the features of reinforced flooring and solid wood flooring, namely, it has the appearance of solid wood and feet,<a href=''&
gt;back deck ideas with stairs</a> and it also has the wear-resistance and impact resistance of laminate flooring; similar to “12mm Pioneer”.[url=]intalling tongue and groove vinyl fence[/url] The series of imitation solid wood flooring adopts the latest synchronous relief technology to achieve precise synchronization of embossed embossing </p>

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