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Author Topic: horny lumber powder
dreamgofashion Posted: 20-Apr-18 06:29
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large number of deserted edges horny lumber powder is aggregate and into, have the simple sense of natural lumber and beautiful Mu Wen already, have plastic advantage again, [url=]wall panels cost[/url] can replace log, plastic products, the various woodiness products such as wood of the Cheng Zhamu that make, pear, deal, black Walnut. The product of material of adornment of room inside and outside of great majority can be used " green but "

will make, it can machine the doorcase, window frame, floor, line that play a base, clapboard, stair board and common furniture things. As a result of " green but " the mix [url=]non slippery tiles for outdoors[/url] into in the product entered a few plastic composition, because this can be effective ground eliminate is natural the natural blemish of lumber, water content does not exceed 2 , have fire prevention, waterproof, prevent the new function such as

termite, anticorrosion; The most important is the simple sense that this product saved natural lumber almost completely, but sticky, curium, dig, dozen nail and twist auger, [url=]composites timber supplier[/url] curve flexibility especially strong, changeless form, not the chap, colorless spot, spot that do not have mildew, do not need to make sand and paint, treatment fare is low, installation is convenient, need not maintenance and maintain. Golden sea h

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