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Author Topic: series flame retardant
xiao1235 Posted: 23-Apr-18 03:00
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Does WFR lumber reach man-made board series flame retardant technical: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge c subcutaneous ulcer ton row? WFR lumber reachs man-made board series [url=
]structural insulated wall panels australia[/url] flame retardant technology Issue date: 2002-2-22 origin: Material of 1.WFR series woodiness is muti_function protective agent WFR - 1 model with Yu Mu material and plywood pressurization macerate are handled WFR - 2 model use at flame

retardant particieboard WFR - 4 model use at flame retardant in density beaverboard Drug is flame retardant the effect is good hold concurrently anticorrosive, [url=]pa
tio floor cover ideas[/url] mouldproof action, do not have an influence basically to sex of woodiness material material and agglutination intensity, low to the animal poison, do not pollute an environment. 2. Flame retardant lumber: Use WFR - 1 model fire retardant, p

ressurization macerate is handled, flame retardation amounts to GB8624 - 88B1 class, mechanical function does not reduce the lumber after processing, the product has [url=]
discount wood flooring dallas[/url] anticorrosive mildew resistance. 3. is flame retardant plywood: Use with flame retardant the inorganic agent with identical lumber and processing technology, processing effect also amounts to GB8624 - 88B1 class, 4. is flame retardant particieboard: Use

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