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Author Topic: export the low cost
dreamgofashion Posted: 24-Apr-18 02:49
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also shows Guangdong to export the low cost advantage of the product, labor of 1-5 month Guangdong is concentrated model the product maintains rapid growth, among them [url=
]patio and veranda floors and decor[/url] furniture exports 1.16 billion dollar, grow 44.3 . Will Vietnam increase lumber to export: 2003? Depend on of bottom of discharge c subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Vietnam will increase lumber export 2003 Issue date: 2003-1-23 origin: Vietnam planned to

export lumber product 2003 450 million dollar, raise 20 million dollar than last year. To fulfil export quota, vietnam forestry branch already formulate measure of a series [url=
]pictures of vinyl porch railings and posts[/url] of hurried imports and exports, include to improve the quality of lumber product, strengthen market conduct propaganda, increase technical investment to wait. Current, vietnam whole nation has 1200 forestry company, year lumber process capability is

2 million stere. In Vietnam lumber company, 66 is a private enterprise, the others is state-owned or foreign capital enterprise. Controller of Vietnam lumber management [url=]diy deck designs[/url] department thinks, the development foreground of Vietnam lumber industry is very good, at present its latent capacity has not gotten be developinged adequately, export market is not quite stable. For this, vietnam should be strengthened and extend the

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