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Author Topic: production of wood flooring
dreamgofashion Posted: 25-Apr-18 09:22
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<p>that when we can export,<a href='
'>cheapest wooden fence to build</a> we will coordinate with each other in terms of price. We should try our best to coordinate and not use each other to reduce prices. There is a price constraint. It's not just that talking about prices is helpful for companies that have already had exports first. It's good.[url=]anti slip bathtub stickers[/url] The size of our company's single plant has now reached a production capacity of 15 million yuan. It should be said that in Asia, it is worth counting on </p>
<p>the domestic market. of. Therefore, from the perspective of cost,<a href=''>c
omposite vinyl planks</a> we are not worried, but from the perspective of anti-dumping, the lower the price, the less likely it is to win the defense. This is without a doubt. Therefore, talking about a relatively good price may be helpful to you even if the other party has anti-dumping. This help is very important and anti-dumping is also an opportunity.[url=
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<p>dumping this time, if they have won, the zero tax rate, <a href='
'>fire resistant wood paneling</a>or a very low tax rate, the others will not win, and the industry infringement on the export industry will begin. Tax rates are divided into three types. One is the anti-dumping tax rate, the other is the average tax rate, and one is the individual tax rate. If the individual tax rate is very low, there is an advantage, so the price constraint is still more important.[url=]no cracks wpc decking for outdoor[/url] Third, diversification of product </p>

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