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Author Topic: build in annulus north
xiao1235 Posted: 03-May-18 03:38
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undertaking early days arranges the job will build in annulus north bay. Project total scope is produce per year 1 million tons of wood pulp. Target of first phase [url=
]Pvc Beach Areas Decking South Africa[/url] is produce per year 600 thousand tons, throw 8.2 billion yuan of RMBs, anticipate began construction 2004 build. Regard the raw material of pulp mill as base, fast ground of unripe Lin Ji already began to sow, main layout is in the Tropic of Cancer with the

upper bay area south, namely and other places of the city of the North sea, admire, harbor that prevent a city, the project always throws many yuan of 20 RMB, total dimensions is 5 million [url=
]1 x 12 composite fascia lumber floor[/url] mus fast unripe forest. "15 " during, guangxi plan is added newly fast unripe forest 10 million mus, among them papermaking industry raw material forest 7.37 million mus, this developed wood pulp production to lay foundation of good raw

material for Guangxi, guangxi plans to pass forest, the management way that the industrialization that oar, paper combines develops mode and company, base to add farmer, [url=
]recycled pvc lumber 2x4 floor[/url] build those who be our country south is important forest paper base. (Asian timber industry) Wind of bibcock of fadein of course of study of Hua Dong floor model: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge c subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Wind of bibcock of fadein

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