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Author Topic: lay solid foundation
dreamgofashion Posted: 03-May-18 05:05
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progress, made poplar industry economy lay solid foundation to save state-owned tree farm completely. The success of its poplar grow seedlings is based on the following at 3 o'clock:[url=
]aluminum patio pergola panels[/url] One, of content of seed selection high-tech fast unripe breed. More than 10 experts of the place of scientific research courtyard such as workstation and courtyard of Chinese forest division established long-term cooperation relationship.

Below the expert's support, they introduce variety of domestic and international poplar at the beginning of 1999 90 many, in those days grow seedlings 100 mus; Undertook breed [url=]Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck Design Cost[/url] contrast experiments 2000, breeding goes have fast those who fight a gender to wait for admirable and genetic character by force is unripe, thoroughbred 5, include Lu Shan poplar, hill Shan Yang of Ha Yang, emperor, Euramerican poplar 13,

Euramerican poplar 14 etc, 2001 the end of the year had identification, begin to popularize after via forest thoroughbred committee was maintained last year. 2,[url=]bamboo-plastic composite 2013[/url] base changes grow seedlings, dimensions to turn production. Workstation relies on the thoroughbred breed base of directly under of only of Chinese poplar committee, collect is introduced, seed selection, experiment, breed, promotion, set an example,

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