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Author Topic: building decorates material
dreamgofashion Posted: 03-May-18 06:21
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environmental protection " the building decorates material. 5 enterprise head are obtained " green " recommend a qualification. Total bureau of national qualitative check and national [url=]quality pvc laminated gypsum deck board[/url] standardization committee are going the end of the year released 10 " interior decoration decorates material to release set limit to " mandatory standard, began to execute on January 1 this year, transfer period 6 months. After July 1,

market admiral stops to sell the building that does not accord with national level to adorn material product. Below this kind of circumstance, association of adornment of Xing [url=]factory direct compsite fence[/url] stage city concerned a regulation to begin according to the country " product of green environmental protection " evaluation recommends an activity, seek for the enterprise transfer measure, 2 provide the adornment data that be at ease for

masses. Supervise through national major detect the unit detects, xing stage city had 5 enterprise to realize a product to amount to mark, obtained " product of green environmental protection " recommend a qualification. Does Beijing building materials trade does the center hang out his shingle: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge c subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Beijing building materials trades the center hangs out his

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