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Author Topic: floor market is changing
xiao1235 Posted: 03-May-18 07:34
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<p>brand stores in the national market to engage in a massive public service activities to expand the degree of alliance.<a href=''&g
t;outdoor murals for fence</a> Third, a certain consensus should be formed on the common problems faced by brands, such as product exports and supermarket default payments, and CFA should use a common voice to meet these challenges. At the same time, through these difficult solutions,[url=
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<p>enhanced.<a href='
'>nailing or screwing tongue and groove floor</a> Our Caidi floor has gone through the eight-year history since entering the Chinese market. From the beginning of the European floor factory production, the import of trade, the establishment of counter sales channels, sales agents, etc. The development model of Chinese enterprises standards It is in the direction of industrialization of import procurement, [url=]deme
rits of timber use[/url]new product development, and specialty product production and </p>
<p>processing.<a href='
'>cheapest composite decking wholesale prices</a> In cooperation with Germany in October 2004, a joint investment company was established. In the development of the company, Caidie Flooring has gone out of a single trade model. In the future, the two fists of trade flow and new product production and processing will hit the domestic and foreign markets.[url=
]100 kit plastic outdoor patio tiles[/url] Through the previous efforts, Caidie has successfully applied for six patents on the new featured products, laying a solid </p>

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