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Author Topic: floor market is changing
xiao1235 Posted: 03-May-18 08:10
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<p>in the North American market.<a href='
'>cheap ways to enclose your deck</a> Our customers also want to buy lower-priced products, but there are some dealers who purchase the products under designated brands. How to survive in a foreign brand is also a problem that our domestic companies will face in the future. Thank you!Shengxiang Group Co., Ltd.[url=
]plywood modulus of elasticity[/url]: Guo Hui is very grateful. I participated in this summit for the first time. I would like to talk about my own thinking about the </p>
<p>development trend of the floor market.<a href=''
>installation of azek decking</a> Entering this industry, I came in halfway, probably four or five years ago, and I have been producing before. By 2002, for two years, China had more or less understanding of the real market of laminate flooring.[url=
]how much is seven trust decking 2x4x8 in uk[/url]It should be said that China's wooden flooring development is still a development market. Our industry is very large. Although there are different voices in it, but this is the existence of any </p>
<p>industry development. What is the problem? <a href='
'>fence that looks like plantation shutter</a>We have an influential and branded enterprise in China. Everyone can walk together and sit on a table to discuss the direction of this company's development. This is a very meaningful activity for the industry. CFA is to jointly maintain this industry.[url=
]hardwood floor refinishing cost per sq ft[/url] development of. When it comes to the development trend of the floor, the first is the product. When the product reaches today, it should be said </p>

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