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Author Topic: Bamboo wood gross
xiao1235 Posted: 04-May-18 02:42
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million mus, control of fir forest area is in 3.9 million mus of less than; Bamboo wood gross value of industrial output, "15 " period end achieves 2 billion yuan;[url=
]4X8 Privacy Vinyl Fence Panels[/url] Achieved 3.8 billion yuan 2010; Economic benefits, "15 " total of benefit of period end tax achieves 300 million yuan, achieved 500 million yuan 2010; Technical equipment standard, reached advanced level of whole nation of the corresponding period 2010;

The enterprise organizes a structure, support expands bibcock enterprise, to 2010, the company that forms sales revenue to cross 1 billion yuan 1, 1 - 500 million yuan enterprise [url=
]fiche technique wpc cladding corp[/url] 4, strive for breed appear on the market company 1 - 2, the famous brand product that breeds sales revenue to cross 100 million yuan 3 - 5, form the Zhu Mu that is base for backbone, medium and small businesses with large company or industry

group to process a business group; Main product output, to 2005, fine board obtains 150 thousand stere, tall fine in board 100 thousand stere, pulp 300 thousand tons,[url=
]installation of poly decking[/url] Zhu Mu plywood floor of 50 thousand stere, Zhu Mu man-made of 1.8 million square metre, other board 100 thousand stere. The working key of industrialization of wood of this city bamboo is: It is to accelerate bamboo carpentry course of study

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