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Author Topic: the main consumers of the market
dreamgofashion Posted: 09-May-18 06:08
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A lot of wardrobe companies see this development opportunity and begin to gradually study the wardrobe that seniors use. Reflected by the market, solid wood wardrobes are more popular with older people. The old furniture market opened the door to corporate profits.
According to relevant data, the current annual retirement income, reemployment income, and financial support from relatives and friends of the elderly in China can reach 3,000 to 400 billion yuan. It is expected that by 2025 and 2050, the elderly can potentially The market purchasing power is expected to reach 1.4 billion yuan and 500 billion yuan,
and the elderly will gradually become one of the main consumers of the market. Insiders said: If you dig out of the market for the elderly, will open another door for profit for the wardrobe business. Solid wood closet is welcomed by the elderly.
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