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Author Topic: effective channel model for floor
dreamgofashion Posted: 14-May-18 09:48
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<p>directly invests in and manages various stores,<a href=''
>landscape timber park bench</a> and the store must also completely obey the headquarters command. This kind of organization has the advantages of unified capital, centralized management, and decentralized sales, but it also has drawbacks. The president of a well-known furniture company,[url=
]outdoor wooden planter boxes[/url] Yu Zhan, said that for floor companies that export to domestic sales, it is necessary to open directly-operated stores. Export-oriented </p>
<p>companies have long relied on foreign markets to survive,<a href='
'>does seven trust come in tongue and groove</a> and do not understand the domestic market. They are new to the development of domestic distributors. The company has set up a direct-operated store for its employees, and after a series of complicated processes such as site selection, negotiation with stores,[url=
]pvc tongue and groove ceiling slat price[/url] decoration, distribution of products, layout of storefronts, training personnel, logistics cooperation, and after-sales </p>
<p>service, it will not only provide a preliminary understanding of the domestic market conditions for flooring.<a href='
'>cost of pressure treated wood vs composite decking</a> It is also helpful to develop the operation procedures for developing the domestic market and to help develop the distributors in the future. The biggest purpose of a dealer is to make money. If a company can provide shop guidance while providing good products,[url=
]eco wpc decking sale price[/url] it will enhance the dealer's confidence in the company. Another person </p>

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