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Author Topic: solid wood flooring industry
dreamgofashion Posted: 15-May-18 05:23
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<p>According to Lu Xinguang, Chairman of Anxin Flooring,<a href=''>d
eck floor vinyl covers</a> the cooperation with Carlyle is based on the very close cooperation between the two parties and the investment philosophy of Carlyle will bring capital, international advanced management experience and sales channels.[url=
]mobile home adding a roof railing[/url] Zhang Lin revealed that at present there are still some of the more powerful flooring manufacturers in the country are actively brewing cooperation with foreign </p>
<p>countries, and some have reached an initial intention.<a href='
'>plastic cladding panels</a> Wood flooring into the golden development period It is reported that the wood flooring industry has entered a new period of gold development. According to statistics, in 2005, the supply of wood flooring in China was 230 million square meters,[url=
]wood plastic pergola plugs square caps[/url] an increase of nearly 77% compared to 2004; and due to the current shortage of wood supply, the number of wood floor exports in China is </p>
<p>also growing rapidly, <a href='
'>composite decking panels white 4 x 8 canada</a>and has become the exception of the European Union. The largest exporter of wooden flooring outside. According to Zhang Lin, the current market for wood flooring in China is increasing at a rate of 25%-30% per year. The output value of 2003 exceeded 30 billion yuan.[url=]cost of wood planking[/url] Chinese brands have gradually standardized and expanded the number of Chinese flooring brands, which has led to a mixed situation in the flooring </p>

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