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Author Topic: compost garden soil
dreamgofashion Posted: 15-May-18 11:01
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garden. Delight in the truth that herbs need not take up a lot of space. Usually garden design concentrates on huge borders, flower beds and lawns and there is little instruction available about herb garden design in a small space. The challenges of designing a small herb garden can really be summarised in to these thoughts: * The complete garden will be
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on look as a whole. There is no room for hidden paths or even division in to individual rooms. * Small space means you must make choices. You can not develop every plant you love. You can not on impulse see a plant and purchase it just hoping there will be space for it. * You have to limit your selection of colour of blooms. Do not create the plot too
busy with shiny colour, stick to pastels as that will create your plot look bigger than to it is. Gardening in a Small Space Break up the current soil in your garden and add bagged or compost garden soil. The earlier you start, the better, so you can get to work on this part the assignment in the winter or fall. Still in the outlining stages, get a walk around your
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