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Author Topic: functional zones of the garden
xiao1235 Posted: 16-May-18 07:21
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important to connect the concept with the existing situation - the landscape embracing the territory and the style of the buildings in the territory - all these elements should compose a united composition with the garden. The garden style can be more natural - appropriate for countryside, bigger gardens and more natural environments. Or on the
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other hand it can be more artificial, composed of different pavements, architectural elements and regular forms - appropriate for city gardens, historical gardens and small sites. In countryside gardens the territory is often dividend in different zones of naturalness - closer to the house the garden is designed more regular and further away it becomes more
natural. 4. For sites with a great historical value it is important to take into consideration the historical aspect and the garden has to be planned according to the historical style of the buildings. 5. Symbolic aspect of planning can be important in gardens with a symbolic meaning. 6. Psychological aspect is very important in all gardens. It is important, that
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