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Author Topic: composite solid wood flooring
xiao1235 Posted: 18-May-18 07:51
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<p>The 268 yuan "Magnolia"<a href='
'>attractive wood plastic composite floor</a> deliberately marked on the common name column "Teak." "Magnolia" and "Teak" are not related to each other. Everyone knows that teak floors are very high-grade flooring. Stores are so labeled that they can easily mislead consumers. In Geely Flooring's firm,[url=
]composite spaced picket[/url] the store's compound floor with MDF as its base lies in the name of “composite solid wood flooring”, and the prices of the two are quite different. The most </p>
<p>interesting thing is a floor store called "Green House".<a href='
'>tongueue and groove pressure treated 5 4 boards</a> The floor made in Africa is sold as "Amazon Bean" floor in South America, and the place of production is marked as Indonesia. Wood experts say that the prices of the floors in the three producing areas are very different.[url=
]recycled wood decking hardware[/url] The merchants are so arbitrarily stating their names and places of origin that they only suffer from those consumers who do not understand the floor. Although the </p>
<p>merchants selling floors claimed that they did not understand wood,<a href='
'>marlite beadboard paintable</a> and now there are many types of floor boards, chaos is not intentional, but the reporter found during inspections, all chaos, are to raise the low-grade floor one grade, and not one The high-grade floor is marked as a low-grade floor and sold at a reduced price. [url=
]wood like ceiling panels[/url]Shanghai Huayue Flooring Store has marked many "disc bean" floors as "green handle mulberry", and the </p>

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