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Author Topic: tries to look unplanned
dreamgofashion Posted: 24-May-18 11:12
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gardens basically are big on herbs that can be used in the kitchen and around the house. And they love wildflowers - poppies, violets and so on - flowers that are popular in the South of France. Flowers that are not wild - lavenders and sunflowers are pretty popular too. Gardens all over Provence in the south of France are never without lavenders,
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sunflowers and potted geraniums. Geraniums live in little potted plants close to the ground, and sunflowers tower above them. The fragrance of lavenders waft all over in the air and violets and poppies crowd all the areas left over. This creates a great wildflower appearance that tries to look unplanned. French garden design ideas basically revolve
around bringing an appearance of wildness into your home garden. Round out your French garden with the functional herbs of rosemary and thyme and you should have a great appearance to your garden. There's nothing to beat the natural wild look that nature prefers, the philosophy goes. While these garden design ideas can produce some pretty great
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