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Author Topic: performance requirements for floorboards
dreamgofashion Posted: 29-May-18 16:37
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<p>technologies for quality control of wood floor blanks/floor substrates are the common technologies and key technologies that need to be solved in the flooring industry.<a href='
'>overall decking market size</a> It is understood that at present, the quality of wood flooring products in China is affected by the production conditions,[url=
]chrome era laird challenger composite door hinges[/url] and the overall product qualification rate is only about 80%. The main quality issues include floor deformation, cracking, bending, and sloping. Ye Kelin </p>
<p>introduced that for the key technical issues that restrict the development of the flooring industry, <a href='
'>composite decking materials in kenya</a>the project will focus on breakthroughs in solid wood flooring blank dimensional stability control technology,[url=
]insulated structural panels sales[/url] high-performance laminate flooring manufacturing technology, solid wood composite flooring substrate structure design and stability control technology, and restructuring of bamboo flooring surfaces. Quality control technology </p>
<p>and 5 technologies such as floor substrate/blank surface protection technology.<a href='
'>trex fence around pool</a> The overall goal of the project is to plan to apply for more than 8 invention patents, draft 5 standard drafts, and establish 6 demonstration production lines within 3 years of the implementation period of the project. Through the implementation of the project, the quality of wood floor blanks/substrate will generally be improved by one grade. [url=
]thailand importer of panel glass[/url] Product grade </p>

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