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Author Topic: information that provides
dreamgofashion Posted: 30-May-18 08:17
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2002-1-26 origin: According to the information that provides about the branch, the bamboo gum that Beijing construction market uses board, in relief city of Hunan Province Shao produces " [url=]attach privacy lattice to deck photos[/url] treasure close card " already occupied 70 left and right sides, countrywide bamboo glue board produce per year a quantity to make an appointment with 200 thousand stere, and Shao Yang's crop took an in part. Shao in relief city has Nan

bamboo many mus 170, basically distributing in [url=]replacing deck wood balusters with pvc railings[/url] peaceful the county such as peaceful, city condition, new peace, new Shao. The Nan bamboo in the past basically is to carry Yuan Zhu sells outside giving mountain, value is very low. In recent years, peaceful company of paper of peaceful county couplet invests many yuan 4000 early or late, did 10 bamboo glue board product line, the product puts in the market, make

money of sell like hot cakes, this company [url=]hwo to build cantilever sliding wood fence gate[/url] only production value of industry of 3 years of time and hand in taxation to grow 2 times above. "Bamboo industry " rise abruptly help the development that used Nan bamboo resource. Bamboo of 420 thousand mus of Nan management contracts door, the low yield that finish transforms 230 thousand mus. The Nan bamboo of full age is chopped downhill, every family made [url=]deck chairs wooden plans[/url] bamboo sign

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