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Author Topic: market with imitation wood flooring
dreamgofashion Posted: 30-May-18 15:08
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<p>wood flooring installed less than a month,<a href='
'>wood plastic composite panel patio flooring</a> the splice at the crack, but also accompanied by edge damage and whitening phenomenon," "The floor just shop When it was quite good, who knows that after a week, walking on it, giggling couldn’t live anymore...” One by one, the complaints call,[url=
]latest development in wood plastic composite[/url] so that reporters can not help but worry about consumers. Is it true that the workshop plate that has been silent for a long time has really revived? In an </p>
<p>interview with reporters, Mr. Wang Xiaoyu,<a href=''>
;composite tongue decking</a> the floor speaker of Shengxiang, said: The so-called inferior workshop counterfeit wood floor refers to some unqualified products produced by subordinated production enterprises that use backward substandard raw materials.[url=
]all weather tongue and groove decking costs[/url] The key to the quality of imitation wood flooring is threefold: surface abrasion resistance, chamfering process, and quality of the substrate. Imitation solid wood to </p>
<p>use a specific substrate, if the use of the substrate performance is not stable,<a href='
'>white composite fence boards suppliers of wood</a> uneven density distribution and low strength, will lead to resistance to impact strength and moisture resistance when used, leading to gas, deformation. In addition,[url=
]north american composite door[/url] the precision of the processing equipment also has a considerable influence on the strength of the product and the appearance of the product. Yang Zhiming said on the Rhine Sunshine Floor: The </p>
Meeniwo9471 Posted: 31-May-18 01:40
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