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Author Topic: Province Flooring Association
dreamgofashion Posted: 31-May-18 02:33
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<p>production of Shanghai flooring companies have about 200,<a href="">install interlocking deck system</a> mainly solid wood flooring, composite flooring, and parquet flooring, last year's total output of the flooring industry in 2004 out of solid wood flooring About 20 million square meters, about 30 million square meters of composite flooring,[url=]Wood Plastic Composite Wall Covering UK[/url] solid wood composite floor has 20,000 square meters. After nearly a decade of development, the flooring industry has always adhered to a </p>
<p>refined concept of development, adhered to technological innovation, product innovation, and technological innovation, leading the trend of the development of China's flooring industry.<a href="">fence for shadow box fence</a> Shanghai has a number of in the industry, in the market a number of resounding The brand names, such as Huili,[url=]exterior wood flooring Norway[/url] Fillinger, Anxin and other companies. Nowadays, solid wood flooring is more and more anticipated by developers. From this year's statistics, </p>
<p>there are more than 50 fully-decorated rooms,<a href="">what impacts has wood composite has on society</a> and the area of ​​paving floors is 1 million square meters. Now, solid wood composites are increasingly favored by developers. There are now about 50% to use solid wood composite flooring, but in fact there are many problems in the concrete operation process,[url=]solid plastic fence post uk[/url] including ground cracking, degumming, etc., about 30% use composite flooring, and others use some laminate flooring. . In </p>

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