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Author Topic: provide full-year marketing planning
dreamgofashion Posted: 27-Jun-18 07:48
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China unheard of. The innovative operation method makes the project stand out in the same commercial real estate! Professional planning agencies will provide full-year marketing planning, 30 million advertising campaigns throughout the year, and full-scale, three-dimensional advertising bombing,
covering the prime time of major media, gold layout, Qingli build Xiyingmen brand image. A dozen times of large-scale commercial market promotion activities each year, spring and autumn new products ordering meetings in two seasons in one year,
and 1,000 exhibition hall bosses concentrated their efforts, all kinds of new products exhibitions, different industry alliances, trade fairs, food festivals, etc. A copy of "Enjoy, Play, and Play Raiders" and weekly WeChat push to quickly expand brand radiation to Hainan, making Xiyingmen more valuable than ordinary retail properties!
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