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Author Topic: mainly solid wood flooring
dreamgofashion Posted: 09-Jul-18 12:40
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<p>on the dynamic development trend of online channels for home and offline households.<a href='
'>Environmentally Friendly Wood Composite Decking</a> It is a must for enterprises to develop e-commerce. task. Diversification of the floor market competition will inevitably lead to many links, of which product quality, style and brand services have become indispensable hot spots in the flooring industry. [url=
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]Wear-Resistant Wood Plastic Floor[/url] (Author: China Green Times reporter Liu Lu Fei)According to analysts inside the industry, the flooring industry has entered an era of diversification of strength and marketing channels. First, the </p>
<p>reorganization of capital is in full swing. From 2007,<a href='
'>Environmentally Friendly Wood Composite Decking</a> Goldman Sachs entered the quadriple and Nature has just started a deployment in Diaoyutai, Beijing on June 10 this year. IFC International Financial Group and Morgan Stanley have organized a one-million-dollar investment in nature flooring. [url=
]Wood Plastic Composite Material[/url]The entire flooring industry is in IPO. The promotion of initial public offerings is a relatively extensive reorganization of capital. Second, </p>

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