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Author Topic: buying furniture and other items
dreamgofashion Posted: 10-Jul-18 08:37
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Upward trend. However, in the case of Ms. Yu, it is unlikely that I want to pass the test report as a magic weapon. This is because, although the indoor air test can detect whether the formaldehyde and other data in the closed room exceeds the standard, it cannot be proved by which furniture or material in the room.
Therefore, the test report cannot be used as a basis. He also told reporters that if he wants to detect whether the smell of furniture is excessive, such as formaldehyde, it is recommended that Ms. Yan seek help from a more professional quality supervision department, but it may be more difficult and the process is more complicated.
For the price of one point, consumers should not be cheap when buying furniture and other items. Be sure to look at the quality carefully and try to choose environmentally friendly ones to avoid damage to the body caused by inferior items.
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