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Author Topic: The Secret of Losing Weight Fast
francenefrayer Posted: 28-Sep-20 11:09
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If you are one who is trying to eat healthy and following something
similar to the South Beach Diet then it is good to have lists that gi
ve you boundaries on what are better choices than others. If you have
a low food list ready and with you at all times then a breakfast decis
ion between Bran Flakes and Total Cereal can be made much simpler. Tho
ugh both of those are healthy foods, the Total has a glycemic index of
76 and the All Bran has an index of 30. That information alone makes
your decision for you.

The statistics that I mentioned in the Part 1 of this article does no
t even include or mention the millions of children that are obese (com
ing soon in an article), eating ding dongs, sitting in their rooms on
their behinds playing mindless video games. Hey, I am not only preachi
ng to you but myself as well. I have seven children of my own and alth
ough none of them are obese, they all sit around playing mindless vide
o games. That's not to say that they eat like they should either, far
from it.

If I look in pantry, I will see any where from little Debbie Snacks,
to Lays Potato Chips and the breakfast menu includes, Captain Crunch B
erries, Frosted Flakes and for those of us that want to eat healthy th
ere is the infamous shreadded wheat, oh wait I for got the frosted par
t. I am telling you this because that is what we are programmed to buy
, basically. No, I don't eat that stuff, (although the kid in me wants
to) and I use to and it's probably one of the reasons I am diabetic.
Now the responsible health conscious adult now living in me, prefers a
bowl of oatmeal with berries and nuts and no sugar.

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