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Author Topic: Tips on How to Buy the Right Kind of Diabetic Socks For Sensitive Feet
francenefrayer Posted: 29-Sep-20 05:22
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Glucose is nothing but sugar that swims through the blood stream. When you happen to eat foods high in carbohydrates, the pancreatic secretion of insulin and glucagon hormones regulate glucose levels. The problem is created when the pancreas refuses to generate sufficient amount of insulin to convert glucose into energy. What are normal blood glucose levels? This is the major concern of those who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. If you have either of these two and related diabetes complications, you should follow my track so that you discover some hidden facts to seek solution to your issues.

What are the normal levels of blood glucose? The normal levels are reported to have a standard range between 70 to 150mg/dl that may vary due to many factors like the time, volume, and type of food consumed during the previous meal. If the range varies with a lower level below 70 and a higher level above 150, then the problem starts with the onset of diabetes. The condition of low blood sugar is labeled as hypoglycemia, and the other extreme of high blood sugar is hyperglycemia.

The symptoms of hypoglycemia with low blood sugar include lack of energy, irritability, and gloomy vision. You will be thrown to losing consciousness with too low sugar. If you have high blood sugar, you will have to run the risk of serious organ damages like kidney damage, heart disease, nerve damage, and vision loss. The symptoms of hyperglycemia are frequent urination, excessive thirst, tingling in the hands and feet, and wounds not healing. In case you do not have normal levels of blood glucose, you should take steps to diagnose your condition as given below: Fasting blood sugar test: This test of glucose level is taken after a normal fasting time, say 8 hours. Usually, morning is the right time to take fasting blood glucose test. If the test shows the glucose level between 80 to100, it is an indication of normal level of blood glucose.

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