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Author Topic: Colostrum For Heart Disease - Cardiomyopathy
francenefrayer Posted: 29-Sep-20 09:41
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In mitigation to this problem, many doctors normally advice on using
natural means such as taking cholesterol lowering foods or alternative
ly subscribing to a statin medication. Interestingly, and for obvious
reasons not many people find it easy to abandon their favorite diets i
n favor of the LDL level lowering diets such as fruits and margarine t
hat are rich in stanols and sterols as prescribed by the doctors. Howe
ver, the looming danger of getting heart attack or stroke pushes them
to trying some of these LDL level lowering foods.

One very important message about lowering our LDL levels while increa
sing HDL levels is that, we cannot achieve all this if we are not will
ing to discard our old and bad habits and adopting good ones in regard
s to our feeding habits. As a matter of fact, keeping our bodies healt
hy is not an easy endeavor and in most cases using natural remedies is
not enough particularly for those of us who have very high level of L
DL. It makes sense therefore, to argue that we should always subscribe
to conventional medications such as statins to supplement the natural

Using these two methods will definitely lead to the increment of the
HDL level while decreasing the LDL levels. It is common knowledge that
tasty foods that contain high amounts of fats increase our LDL levels
. However, to what extent is this true? Any food you take that exceeds
the maximum daily limit of 300 mg is considered a high cholesterol fo
od, and hence harmful. For example, a single boiled egg has about 225
mg of cholesterol level.


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