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Author Topic: The Things That Lead to High Blood Sugar Beyond Diabetes
francenefrayer Posted: 30-Sep-20 06:52
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Is it safe to assume therefore that the presence of high blood sugar
almost always equates to having diabetes? Do people who have excessive
sugar automatically have diabetes or eventually develop diabetes? Alt
hough diabetic individuals do suffer from high sugar levels in their b
lood, this condition can be caused by other conditions as well and not
just diabetes. If a person has health conditions which are no longer
considered normal, blood glucose levels could abruptly rise. People su
ffering from multiple disorders tend to have problems with insulin rec
eptivity as well.

When this happens, sugar produced in the body has nowhere to go and t
herefore gets deposited in the blood stream. When the individual is su
bjected to fasting tests, there are usually excessive blood sugar mole
cules found in the blood. There are also cases when pregnant women hav
e high blood glucose during the days leading to the actual delivery. D
uring this time, the cells in the body of a woman about to give birth
undergo some quick transformation, and due to this rapid molecular act
ivity, high blood sugar becomes the result. People who consume high-su
gar foods in large proportions also tend to suffer from high sugar lev
els in their blood.

Although such intake can cause rapid changes in sugar levels, it shou
ld not be automatically viewed as the direct cause of either type 1 or
type 2 diabetes. However once sugar levels are elevated in the body,
some diabetes-like symptoms could occur, including excessive thirst, f
requent urination, and blurred vision. At this point in my life, I hav
e had the honor of helping many women have happy, healthy pregnancies.
Good maternity care is essential, but sometimes pregnancy itself acts
like a crystal ball.

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