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Author Topic: wood flooring is currently facing
dreamgofashion Posted: 23-Jul-18 07:56
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<p>Enterprise Group;<a href='
'>composite outdoor furniture</a> the world’s largest wooden floor operator group Ames was successfully married to natural wood floors and jointly invested 17 million yuan in building one in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China. An area of ​​160 acres, with an annual output of more than 3 million solid wood flooring production base; Lenovo invested 20 million US dollars in the shares of Shanghai New Sihe Wood [url=
]45 degree vinyl fence bracket[/url]. For a time, PE in China's wood </p>
<p>flooring industry in the match, killing continuously.<a href='
'>balcony floor tiles home depot</a> Why? Mr. Yu Tiecheng, CEO of Tiandao M\u0026A Network, believes that the important reasons why Chinese wood flooring companies attract PE are: “First, China’s huge consumption upgrade market; Second, companies with full industry competition,[url=
]wood plastic composite flooring singapore[/url] few government interventions, and the ability to win from competition have real The core capabilities; Third, the wood flooring industry </p>
<p>has a certain regional monopoly characteristics and sales radius,<a href=''>wood plastic boards france</a> there are some local brand companies in various places in China, there is a huge space for mergers and acquisitions.” China's wood flooring is currently facing a huge potential market. In recent years, the development of the real estate industry in China has continued to heat up, and the demand for the floor of the national economy in the future has been strong. [url=
]market of wooden flooring[/url]According </p>

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