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Author Topic: Foot Pain in Your Arches
francenefrayer Posted: 01-Oct-20 09:30
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Therefore, it is always better to keep your feet with right smelling.
If you have this kind of problem, it has to be treated immediately. T
his kind of immediate treatment is an important thing to you and for y
our family members those who are living with you. My mother in law oft
en warns me to NEVER share shoes with other people. It's hard to liste
n to sometimes, as I like shopping at trendy consignment shops and som
etimes I find a cute pair of shoes. Why does she discourage me from we
aring other people's shoes?

Besides the obvious bacterial and germ factors coming from the sweat
of other people's feet and into their shoes, there's another factor wh
ich you may never have thought of. It's the fact that people "wear out
" their shoes differently. What? "I've never heard of that," you might
say. Hold on for a moment, hear me out. We all "wear out" our shoes d
ifferently. For instance, my husband ALWAYS wears out his heels quickl
y and his shoes always need to be tapped if he wants to wear them for
more than 2 months.

Why is that? Apparently he walks funny- no, seriously, the way that h
e walks puts more pressure on his heels for some reason and as a resul
t, he wears his shoes down considerable in the heels. Other people wea
r down their shoes in other areas. If you're not sure how or where on
the shoe you wear it down most, look at your older shoes. Where are th
ey consistently "worn down"? It will become pretty obvious to you afte
r a while and you'll notice a pattern. Does the toe area of your shoes
practically have a mold of your toes in them? Are your shoes loose on
the sides of the shoe?

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