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Author Topic: Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
xiao1235 Posted: 27-Jul-18 05:04
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An allergy is a disorder of the immune system and is caused by reactions occurring from environmental substances known as allergens. Examples of allergic reactions include asthma, food allergies, eczema, and reactions to stings from wasps and bees. Treatments for allergies include the use of avoiding the allergen, anti-histamines, and steroids.
Avoiding the allergen can be an effective way of reducing the incidence of the allergy occurs. For example, eczema, a painful skin condition, can be made worse when the person has come into contact with chemical cleaners used in the house. Therefore the use of non-chemical cleaners/environmentally friendly products can help to prevent a flare-up of the condition.
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What are environmentally friendly products? Environmentally friendly products are made from natural ingredients that have very few side effects. The advantages of environmentally products lean not only towards us but towards nature as well, which means the products are good for humans to use, and the products break down in the environment when they have been discarded. Many companies manufacture environmentally friendly products across the world, and production is increasing as more consumers are realizing the benefits to their health and the environment when they use the products. But some people are put off using such products because of the cost, and for people on a tight budget, it is a major concern.
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alanboo2019 Posted: 14-May-20 17:23
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