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Author Topic: generation of bamboo flooring
dreamgofashion Posted: 31-Jul-18 13:55
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<p>account the advantages of both,<a href='
'>outdoor decking waterproofing clothing</a> representing the new course of the development of floor covering materials. The ultra-solid wood flooring launched by Hong Nai is divided into two categories: the first category is the development of new products based on traditional laminate flooring, such as structural design, locking technology,[url=
]slatted wood house cladding style list[/url] wear-resistant technology, antibacterial, mildew and environmental protection. It absorbs the advantages </p>
<p>of solid wood flooring, such as size and V-shaped chamfering,<a href=''>ebay balcony deck kits</a> surface treatment, and adds technical techniques that are difficult to achieve with solid wood. Such as pressing technology and distressing processing, anti-noise mute. The second type is developed on the basis of traditional solid wood composite flooring.[url=]composite drain decking[/url] The laminate flooring is used as one of the solid wood flooring components to improve the durability of the flooring, easy </p>
<p>to install, easy to maintain and more wear resistant.<a href=''&
gt;linear feet of dog earned fence</a> Sports flooring: Compared with the traditional 8mm laminate flooring, the Rhein Sunshine sports floor has added “1mm krono sports reinforcement layer”, which makes the floor's toughness, impact resistance, stability, service life and other indicators have a step-by-step improvement.[url=]non skid porch deck[/url] Consumers can move freely on the floor at home. The application of the Krono full-enclosed diamond </p>

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