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Author Topic: Stone crystallization process
dreamgofashion Posted: 01-Aug-18 07:37
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<p>Stone crystallization preparation work: To clean the surface of the stone, to ensure that there is no sand and impurities on the surface of the stone, you can use the marble glue to repair the [url=]wpc manufacturer philippines[/url] damaged stone; use the stone slitting machine to cut the seam of the stone again. Let the gap be the same width; Then use the marble glue to fill, after the marble glue is dry, you can continue the follow-up work. The key step of stone crystallization: fine grinding: use the grinding machine to finely grind the surface of the stone, and polish it to the ground without traces.</p> <p> Fine grinding: Or use the grinding [url=]replacement composite decking material for boats[/url] machine to carry out the fine grinding treatment on the stone floor, and grind the stone until the original light of the stone; polishing: polishing with polishing powder and scouring pad, sprinkle the polishing powder on the stone surface, sprinkle it A small amount of water, rubbed repeatedly with a scouring pad, will become very bright. Follow-up work on stone crystallization: It is not the same after polishing, and some subsequent treatments are needed to increase the service life of the stone. The polished stone needs to use a waterproofing agent to prevent stains, sewage, oil stains, etc. from penetrating into the stone to cause some bad conditions of the stone. We also need to make stone joints. If there is cracked stone, we can use the grout to repair it, so that the [url=]wood panel supplier uae[/url] stone decoration effect is more beautiful and looks very beautiful.</p>

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