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Author Topic: theoretical knowledge and academic vision
dreamgofashion Posted: 13-Aug-18 03:30
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And the expertise you receive is the wing of your future. In the first exhibition of school-enterprise cooperation forum, the author once said: the professional students of the exhibition have their sad side, professional settings such as passive water, or add a variety of colors, but also because of the service industry,
can not bend down to accumulate, especially It is a graduate of a prestigious university convention and exhibition, and each climbs a higher branch. Finally, from the perspective of school-enterprise integration, because school education gives students a solid professional theoretical knowledge and academic vision, they are more innovative,
thinking and courageous than the existing employees of the company, and can quickly digest and control the original enterprise. The rules and mode practices; and enterprises hope that they will use the systematic advanced knowledge and skills they have learned, sort out the old models and methods,
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