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Author Topic: enterprises are difficult
dreamgofashion Posted: 13-Aug-18 03:54
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<p>positions in the domestic market.<a href='
'>grit paint for out door decks</a> It is not easy to eat from their plates. The launch of the New Deal will inevitably greatly weaken the international competitiveness of China's wood flooring. The Chinese wooden flooring manufacturers, which are struggling in the fierce competition, will be worsened. The latest data from Guangdong, [url=
]pvc decking square metre uk[/url]a major export province, also illustrates this point. According to customs statistics, in the first quarter of </p>
<p>2007, Guangdong exported a total of 13.58 million US dollars of wood flooring,<a href=''>po
rch covering ideas lowes</a> down 32.8% over the same period in 2006. As the main export destination in the US market, in the first quarter of 2007, Guangdong exported US$4.964 million of wood flooring to the United States, a decrease of 45.8% year-on-year.[url=
]cali bamboo deck reviews[/url] Corporate Voice: Reducing Tax Refunds Some people are happy that some people worry about the impact of the </p>
<p>reduction of export tax rebate policy on enterprises,<a href='
'>flower pot for deck railing</a> and what kind of strategy adjustment will export enterprises make? "The adjustment of this new policy is not necessarily beneficial to the development of China's flooring industry. In the case of unregulated market competition, the costs of large enterprises cannot be flexible, they are at a competitive disadvantage, and the state has continuously introduced restrictions.[url=
]timber plastic decking bulgaria[/url] This will inevitably lead to the reduction of investment in the industry by large enterprises, which will be unfavorable to the development of the industry for a long time. Liu Shuozhen, chairman of Life Floor, expressed his views to the reporter. He </p>

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