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Author Topic: domestic market is limited
dreamgofashion Posted: 13-Aug-18 08:59
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<p>this year did not appear.<a href=''>
advantage of pvc panel</a> Why is the company uncharacteristic? Some enterprises admit that "the time between the release of the tax rebate policy and the specific implementation is too short, there is no transition period, and the final offer can't catch up."[url=
]reviews ikea wood deck board[/url] Trade associations: low-price competition - the pain of Chinese wood flooring exports forever "although this time The export tax rebate has been lowered by 8 points, but in fact the total </p>
<p>cost of export has been increased by 20-23%.” Yang Meixin, <a href='
'>resin polymer wood panels</a>director of the China Timber Distribution Association Floor Professional Committee, believes that the country’s export tax rate has been adjusted again, mainly Under the pressure of international trade, the tax rate is subject to macroeconomic regulation and control of the current trade surplus. [url=
]recycled railing with wpc[/url]Under this policy, the export of laminate flooring will face greater pressure. Professor </p>
<p>Yang calculated this account for the reporter: Export cost one:<a href='
'>villa complex plastic pergola home</a> lock patent fees. The loss of the US 337 lock patent means that in the future, if Chinese wood flooring manufacturers want to sell in the US market, they must pay Unilin a one-time patent purchase fee of 100,000 to 120,000 US dollars, and each floor of 1 square meter of sales needs to be paid.[url=
]can composite decking be attached directly to concrete[/url] Patent license fee of $0.65". Export cost two: RMB appreciation, exchange rate </p>

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