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Author Topic: package the decoration and naturally
dreamgofashion Posted: 13-Aug-18 11:47
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At the consumer's home, the expenses incurred during this period are big. In the package decoration mode, all the materials used in Jingdong Ziyi Decoration are directly connected with the general agents and manufacturers. The materials are directly from the factory to the customer's home,
which saves a lot of intermediate links, which means a lot of cost reduction. This is also the reason why Jingdong Ziyi Decoration can still easily cope with the pressure of rising costs. We have saved the cost of the middle link, in fact, it saves for consumers.
Consumers can choose to package the decoration and naturally enjoy the cooperation with the manufacturers directly, saving a lot of time wasted in selecting materials, and saving consumers for each material. The quality is the responsibility of the tedious work that I am responsible for.
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