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Author Topic: Distribution Association Floor Professional
dreamgofashion Posted: 13-Aug-18 13:43
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<p>increase, export enterprises will bear the cost of 3-5%.<a href='
'>do it yourself fencing options</a> Export cost three: the export tax rebate rate of laminate flooring will be reduced from 13% to 5%, and enterprises will lose 8% tax rebate. The three major costs add up, and the total cost of actual enterprise exports has been increased by 20-23%. Prof.[url=]be
nches replawood planks[/url] Yang analyzed that at present, many OEMs have strengthened the floor export enterprises, and the profit margin is between 10-20%. </p>
<p>In fact, many enterprises rely on export tax rebates to survive.<a href='
'>chain fences prices in nigeria</a> The export cost increases by 20%, and enterprises are not only profitable. , but also lose money. The increase in labor costs and transportation costs in China will also increase the cost of enterprises. [url=]make gate from existing fence[/url]It is the only way for Chinese flooring companies to export by changing the current export mode of Chinese enterprises to OEMs and entering the international market with their own </p>
<p>brands. Professor Gao Zhihua,<a href='
'>craftsman stair railings exterior</a> chairman of the China Timber Distribution Association, believes. Exports are blocked, and enterprises will inevitably turn to domestic digestion, which will inevitably exacerbate domestic competitive pressures. However, this has not caused many domestic companies to worry. [url=
]attractive deck fencing for gardens[/url]They think that the increase in the number of cakes in the domestic market is limited. It is difficult for large brands to shake their </p>

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