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Author Topic: intensive aesthetic floor was opened
dreamgofashion Posted: 14-Aug-18 04:50
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<p>Branch, said that we have no plans to adjust the price.<a href='
'>marine plywood for decking</a> How to grasp the price increase Through interviews, it is learned that the length of the Rhine Sunshine floor will not be large and will be adjusted to the extent that consumers can accept. The uniform price adjustment of the Swiss Lusen floor is between 20-40 yuan per square meter,[url=
]cost of yard composite decking[/url] which is not a small increase. There is two ways to increase the price of building materials that are </p>
<p>more popular in the home furnishing industry.<a href='
'>non maintenance garden floor design</a> One is bright, which means to directly increase the selling price of existing products; the other is a dark increase, through the release of new forms of this new product. To increase the price of new products. According to industry insiders, the current price in the industry has been adjusted more or less, [url=]wic
kes decking boards[/url]and the price increase is a trend. When asked about the floor to adjust the price, there is </p>
<p>no change in sales, Swiss Lusen floor Han Lei answered this way,<a href='
'>cleaning pine sap off of seven trust decking</a> sales have been affected at the beginning, but give consumers a period of time, they calculate the purchase of Swiss Lusen floor It is still very cost-effective. First of all, the quality of our flooring can be completely assured. It costs 5 to 1 yuan per day, and the price/performance ratio is not low.[url=
]euwid price rage regarding wood chips[/url] So in the face of the irreversible price hike trend, how to complete a renovation plan </p>

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