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Author Topic: the industries were infinitely blurred
dreamgofashion Posted: 24-Aug-18 03:03
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and the boundaries between the industries were infinitely blurred, and the cabinet industry faced unprecedented challenges. When all walks of life are tailor-made and intend to eat away the share of other markets with a full-line flowering attitude, cabinet companies certainly feel the approximation of the crisis for the first time.
Although the custom attributes of the cabinets form a certain threshold, but want to get involved in the cabinet industry, it is not only a way to produce oneself. China's cabinet market has a wide demand, and many brands have long been determined to have the determination to win.
The domestic brands that want to enter the cabinet industry have funds and no technology. The foreign cabinet brands that want to enter the domestic market are technical and non-technical. Channels, the two meet each other, it is not surprising to play a big show that meets and hates late.
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