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Author Topic: Need some help and advice
Matt Harris Posted: 14-Apr-07 11:13
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I'm looking into buying a Boss, love the idea of a semicivilised conversation on the wire with my crew whilst blasting along. I've sailed assorted twin trapeze cats and spent the last two years crawling in and out of ISO's, Firballs and 505's so i don't think the step up into a Boss will be much of a problem.

My 3 main problems are:

- as with most things internet related i live approx 4 hours from the boat i have found and so popping down to have a look prebuying it isn't practical. I've asked to be sent pictures but being honest not really that sure what i should be looking for beyond the usual scratches to hull, missing a mast etc. Could someone give me some pointers for this?

- the local lake that i sail on is approx 3'6" - 4' deep. I'm thinkin that this will be a little shallow to take the depth of a Boss? There are options to go sailing on the sea roughly twice a month and it is for this that i am thinking of buying the boat just to have a laugh and go faster than anyone else, with a semi limited time on the water will i struggle to get to grips with the boat quickly? I have heard of some boats, 49er, that take a lot of practice to get it round the first mark.

- finally the boat has a mast head and small kite, big and small jibs, its currently not rigged for the mast head kite and i've been told by the owner that this would only take around 100 to sort the conversion work. This seems awefully cheap, does it sound plausable? Also how easy is it to carry out the conversions and how much should i be looking at if this is an underrated estimate?

Sorry to write a miniture essay, i just don't have enough knowledge at the moment and thought i'd try and pick the brains of you guys who know a little more.

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated

Matt Harris
russyh Posted: 14-Apr-07 19:32
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Yeah speak to charles Chandler Matt he is selling his boss which already has the conversion
Pork_pie_eater Posted: 17-Apr-07 16:01
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I would be very nervous of sailing a Boss on a shallow lake like that! Keep it for the sea sailing only....

You are not clear as to what conversions have already been done. If it has a masthead kite and big jib, that implies that the mast and bow conversions have already been done, as the big jib won't fit on the 'old' tack position. In summary, the conversion to go from old Boss to new is the following:-

1) Bow conversion - new GRP spinnaker chute moulding, and jib tack directly on the stem of the boat
2) Addition of top spreaders to existing pre-bent Carbospar mast. Same applies to newer 'straight' Superspar mast, with the addition of lowers (if not already fitted) and Morrison wires
3) Masthead kite (needs longer halyard!) and big jib
4) Preferably a longer spinnaker chute

All of these together would cost more than 100 but I seem to recall, Graham Eeles does the hull work for a very reasonable price. But you should ask the vendor about the status of the above.

But to be honest, if you're not going to be racing against other Bosses (who does?), then the 'old' Boss is still a lot of fun at silly money - after all, we sailed one for a few years perfectly happily

findlay Posted: 25-Apr-08 13:42
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hi Matt

I was in a similar frame of mind to you last year.... twin wire, go blasting, and faster than anyone else (almost!).

All I can say go for it... !
- it is definitely worth making enquiries.

(I looked at buying an Boss, but the one I was interested in went to Norway). Ended up buying a laser5000 instead. Definitely go and see the boat if possible... I didn't so though fairly sound, I still to give the boat a good dose of TLC.

For a very good comparison of both the Laser5000 and Boss, see back issue of "Dinghy Sailing Magazine" issue Jan2007 or poss dec2006. In the review I think the Boss comes out as more favourable - it is lighter than the 5000, and the carbon rig definitely makes it more forgiving. (the 5000 has a 8metre Alumium mast!)

If just blasting/sailing for thrills I think the 49er isn't so suitable - from info I picked up, it is a lot less forgiving than the BOSS/5000, and generally a lot more expensive.

I've had fun last summer in the 5000 - really glad to have bought into twin wire mad skiff lark, but in gusty days I think the carbon mast would've helped the minimiseing the swimming routines.

One problem with the 5000, is that some parts aren't readily available. Though there are conversions on the Boss etc, there are suppliers who will assist - laser are not particularly interested about the 5000 anymore but the association thankfully has a number of enthusiasts.

hope this helps

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