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Author Topic: various flooring companies
dreamgofashion Posted: 05-Sep-18 08:12
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<p>Circulation Association.<a href='
'>cutting wood plastic composite manufacturer</a>Ms. Yang said that there are two types of flooring standards, one is the product standard, and the other is the standard in the circulation field.The perfection of the two types of standards regulates the three qualities of wood flooring, including product processing quality,[url=
]outdeck crack resistant deck price[/url] laying quality and quality of use.All the standards can guarantee the quality of the wooden floor, and the standard is to standardize the quality. In </p>
<p>response to the problem that the company said that the national standard is lagging behind, Ms. <a href='
'>pvc hardwood flooring for bathrooms</a>Yang also put forward her own views. She said, "Domestic standards do not necessarily fall below international standards."In particular, the standard for laying solid wood flooring is higher than foreign standards, such as water content standards.Ms. Yang also pointed out that enterprises should not be too foreign-minded and bragging about </p>
<p>foreign standards.[url=
]exterior wood for terrace balcony malaysia[/url]The domestic floor standard is formulated for the actual situation in the country,<a href='
'>exterior wood wall panel systems</a> and the floor circulating in the country should be implemented in accordance with domestic standards. In order to solve the problem that consumers do not understand the new standards and can not maintain their rights well, Ms. Yang said: "We have been paying attention to the problems in the circulation field.[url=
]extra thick vinyl floor tiles[/url]"At present, the Wood Circulation </p>

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