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Author Topic: Solid Wood Flooring Factory
dreamgofashion Posted: 10-Sep-18 03:49
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<p>a reasonable level. A person in charge of the Shenzhen Solid Wood Flooring Factory said that the rising production costs have made him difficult.<a href='
'>pvc wall panels home depot fencing</a>However, he also admitted that due to rising production costs, almost all floor manufacturers have quietly raised the ex-factory price of the floor,[url=
]plastic slats for benches[/url] which also directly led to the decline in orders.According to reports, the average floor area of ​​one square meter is raised by 2% to 5%, and the retail </p>
<p>price is raised by at least 10 yuan per square meter. "In the past, more than 100 square meters of solid wood flooring, almost nowhere. <a href='
'>boat dock electrical panels</a> Another industry insider also said that like Longfeng Tan rose 15 yuan per square meter last year, and now the price is around 330 yuan / square meter.[url=
]bamboo flooring for outdoors[/url]One ton of solid wood raw materials, only the freight rate has now risen to about 290 yuan.In addition, since last year, labor costs and factory sales of </p>
<p>facade rents have risen, so companies have to raise product prices.<a href='
'>walkways made of composite material</a> Difficult price increase behind the scenes: the top five pushers 1, raw materials sales rose, the mainstream material prices increased in the first half of 2010, the majority of the timber industry in China's timber industry sales achieved year-on-year growth,[url=
]composite decks compare brands[/url] the growth rate of different products vary but the growth obvious.Most of the raw materials for Chinese wooden </p>

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